West Shore Middle School lists honor roll

(2018) The following students were named to the third trimester honor roll at West Shore Middle School. Grade 6 Honors with Distinction Dzifa Agyei, Arshaq Ahmed, Huda Ahmed, Alexander Aliberti, Amber Augustine, Azra Bano, Misbah Bhutta, Alexander Bludevich, Alexis Borecki, Ashley Borecki, Jessica Brocksom, Emily Buchino, Jayden Champ, Mia Delgado, Kasey Dixon, Gavin Falcigno, Thomas Fawcett, Cooper Fitzgerald, Hannah Fyfe, … read more

West Shore students named to honor roll

(2018) The following students were named to the honor roll for the second trimester at West Shore Middle School. Grade 8 HONORS WITH DISTINCTION Abdulrehman Ahmed, Abigail Candelora, Eva Carroll, Aizea Costa, Katie Craft, Mickayla Daniel, Diya Daruka, Christopher Deloma, Claudia Espejo, Gina Farrell, Melanie Filippone, Molly Finnegan, Avery Fitzgerald, Avery Flechtner, Daniel Folloni, Allison Gachi, Joseph Glorioso, Amber Gulyban, … read more

‘Zombie Apocalypse’ wins school People’s Choice award

West Shore Middle School was named one of the winners in the 2018 Follett Challenge for a performance-based learning project that had students learn to survive a natural disaster. Tapping into pop culture, the natural disaster simulated a zombie attack: The project was called “Zombie Apocalypse.” Earlier this year, the school learned they had received one of 10 People’s Choice … read more