The Drive at 12:30: Journey from abandonment, struggle to helping others

On Tuesday, June 20, Denise DiGrigoli is joined by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville who shares her incredible life story and her work to inspire others. Dr. Martin-Neville was born an illegitimate child of a young Irish Catholic girl, she was abandoned at the hospital and sent to an orphanage. She later became a therapist and now works to help others.  Watch … read more

The Drive at 12:30: Navigating transitions and self-doubt

Denise DiGrigoli is back on Tuesday, May 2. This week’s theme “Transitions and Self Doubt” — and how to handle both. Contemporary Artist Mary Elizabeth Peterson, a former Westport resident, joins Denise by phone — sharing her story of moving from corporate America to successful artist. She shares he story of family, health scares and much more. Denise and Mary … read more

Fitness for Vets: Catch a Lift board members talk mission

On the Nov. 1 episode of The Drive with Denise, Andy Berman and Adam Vengrow of Catch a Lift Fund discuss the mission of the organization and local efforts. Watch it below: CAL enables post-9/11, combat wounded veterans to regain and maintain their physical and mental health by providing fitness programs, memberships, or in-home gym equipment anywhere in the United … read more