The Reel Dad: New York Film Festival celebrates the best of movies

Thank goodness for the New York Film Festival. Each fall this annual event takes us to wonderful worlds where movies travel. Through its curated collection of films, the Festival celebrates what we cherish, challenges what we consider and confirms our hopes of what movies can be. And we’re just up the road from Lincoln Center where it all happens. Check … read more

Reel Dad: New York Film Festival spotlights the best in film

Once again, the New York Film Festival makes us believe in what going to the movies is all about. After another year filled with big-budget bombs, superficial sequels and ridiculous reboots, the festival’s curated collection of the best in cinema restores our faith in what creative filmmakers can accomplish when they want to inform, entertain and enlighten. What have we … read more

Reel Dad: New York Film Festival offers a curated movie experience

Just when we fear that movies may get swallowed by the monsters named sequel, franchise and reboots, the 54th Annual New York Film Festival reminds us how extraordinary cinema can be. This year’s event includes the world or American premieres of nearly 20 movies, from comedies to documentaries to thrillers, all showing nearby at Lincoln Center from Sept. 30 to … read more

Lessons from the NY Film Festival

Each year the New York Film Festival showcases the magic that movies create on screen. This year’s 53rd edition offers important lessons about six ingredients that moviemakers should include in their recipes. Take a look.   #1: A movie needs a director’s vision: Carol From its opening moments, Todd Haynes’ sublime movie Carol whisks us away to a different New York City … read more