Curtain Call: Smart People who outsmart themselves

Race with its many insidious shades of bias is explored in the play Smart People, now at Long Wharf Theater in New Haven. Focusing on well educated, confident and mostly successful characters, the production of Lydia R. Diamond’s provocative play turns a keen eye on the role of racism not only in a public forum, but most personally among the … read more

Curtain Call: Beckett’s masterpiece at Long Wharf

Just watch it and let it happen. That’s the best way to come to terms with Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. Here’s an existentialist play that is as simple as it is profound. It’s not for everyone. If you liked Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, then you’ll most likely enjoy this play, which is considered Beckett’s masterpiece. This dark apocalyptic work explores the … read more

Curtain Call: Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower is a tease

Long Wharf, Main Stage, New Haven: Two couples get together on a night when astronomical events prevail in the skies. Corky and Norm are really into understanding each other and being super-sensitive to each other’s feelings. They welcome Gerald and Laura to their home to watch the “once-in-a-lifetime” meteor shower. However, Gerald and Laura are up to fun and games … read more

Curtain Call: The Bikinis, retro fun at Long Wharf

If you liked the movie Beach Blanket Bingo (did anyone really like that movie?), then chances are you will enjoy The Bikinis: A Retro Beach Party now playing at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven. If the quartet of female singers on stage actually left out the nonsensical script and performed the songs from the fifties and sixties, at least … read more