Curtain Call: Silence is golden in ‘Small Mouth Sounds’

Shrug your shoulder and you communicate that you don’t care. Roll your eyes, and you’re suggesting you don’t buy into something. Body language and gestures often speak volumes. More often words are totally inadequate, especially when it comes to describing depths of personal suffering. This comes through loud and clear in Bess Wohl’s play “Small Mouth Sounds” at Long Wharf … read more

The Lion roars at Long Wharf

It was just an ordinary Tuesday night, not even an opening night, but even before Benjamin Scheuer finished singing his song about the definition of a lion, the audience was standing and shouting “Bravo.”  Scheuer is a singer/guitarist; the type that one immediately associates with a folk singer. He has a story to tell and it’s a story only he … read more

Murder for Two: great romp!

Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven: For the first 20 minutes of Murder for Two, it looked as if the show was going to die a tiresome death. The ending couldn’t come soon enough.  Surprisingly, once this two-actor romp finally got off the ground, it not only became a showpiece for two incredibly gifted actors, but it became downright entertaining. It … read more