Twins Judy & Joy: Healthy take on Mom’s chocolate pudding

There is nothing better than a bowl of thick, rich, silky chocolate pudding. It is an absolute favorite dessert of our Mom. She often tells us of the homemade puddings her mother would make for the family and how she would beat the mixture until thick and shiny over and over and all by hand! But what if we could … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Spaghetti & meatballs can be cooked on grill, too

As we come to the end of the summer, Judy and I realize that we are really tired of the same foods we have grilled all summer. Too many hot dogs, burgers and grilled fish … ugh. But then I had a thought … Judy just loves pasta and meatballs. It is her absolute favorite and orders it wherever we … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Strawberry shortcake: yum!

When in Rome, whether you want una torte alle fragale, mousse di fragola or simply una fragala, it’s all the same to your taste buds — delicious strawberry shortcakes! Buon appetito! Please Join us every Wednesday @ 12 noon LIVE on the HoopLaHa Only Good News Facebook page! Visit! Here’s our recipe for Strawberry Shortcake!   Strawberry Shortcake For … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Keep summer barbecues simple and easy

The warm weekends are passing us by so we must enjoy them! It is the perfect time to plan a barbecue with family and friends. Keeping it simple and easy is definitely the way to go, especially after a busy work week. Grilled hot dogs, juicy burgers, tangy barbecue chicken or grilled fish with sweet summer salsas — it is … read more