Did I Say That? Smiling costs nothing but reaps rewards

During morning rush hour, thousands of commuters flow out of Grand Central Station in a crazed swarm of humanity, scurrying and stampeding every which way, pouring onto the city streets, hurriedly and insanely, many not watching where they’re going because they’re text-messaging or talking on cell phones. As they file out into Manhattan, there’s an exit on Lexington Avenue opposite … read more

Did I Say That? Parents’ pat response to kids’ persistent appeals

Once upon a time, my teenage daughter wanted to spend spring break with her high school friends on an exotic Caribbean island, so exotic I can’t remember where it was although it sounded pretty suspicious because supermodels were often pictured there, frolicking topless on yachts five times larger than our house. “Can I go, Dad? Can I?” It’s amazing how … read more

Did I Say That? High price of foolish habit: life going up in smoke

I’m a millionaire. At least in theory. You see, I quit smoking and with the price of cigarettes going from $10.15 a pack to $13 in New York City, where I work, I’m saving big bucks I can put to good use on my other bad habits, which means to say I can buy an ample supply of Doritos, Cheetos, … read more