Study horseshoe crabs at Audubon in Milford

Project Limulus is an ongoing research and monitoring program studying horseshoe crab ecology in Long Island Sound. The Connecticut Audubon Society’s Coastal Center in Milford is offering a look at this study, presented by Project Limulus researchers from Sacred Heart University, on Sunday June 10, at 1 p.m. The program will begin with a brief introduction and information session indoors, then … read more

Once threatened, purple martins make a comeback

Through the conservation efforts of the Connecticut Audubon Society and others, plus some awareness-raising by talk show host Phil Donahue, a rare bird in the state – the purple martin – was removed from the threatened species list not long ago. Purple martin numbers have risen, and previously unknown nesting colonies have been discovered. These large swallows, which only eat … read more

Connecticut Audubon names new executive director

The Connecticut Audubon Society has named Patrick Comins, a leading authority on the conservation of the state’s birds and the habitats that support them, as its executive director. Comins will lead the organization as it focuses on inspiring an ever-greater spirit of conservation statewide, through its education programs, citizen science initiatives, and habitat improvement projects, and at its seven centers … read more

Piping plovers from this area feared lost in hurricane

The Connecticut Audubon is reporting that something bad happened to the region’s piping plovers when they reached their wintering grounds in the Bahamas this year: Hurricane Matthew. “Almost 1,400 piping plovers migrate there,” states the Audubon posting. “That’s about half of all the piping plovers that nest on Connecticut’s beaches and the entire East Coast.” Piping plovers nest along Milford’s … read more