Milford Little Leagues merge to serve all players

For decades the city of Milford has had two or more Little League organizations. Many cities have one official Little League for all of the kids to play in, which creates a culture of city pride and increases the number of teams playing at each age level.

Now the two existing Little Leagues, Milford National Lou Gehrig and Milford International have been approved to create one large baseball and softball Little League.

"This has been a labor of love. The merger has been a conversation for several years, and because of the great volunteers of both leagues, we were able to finally pull it all together,” said Milford Little League President Rob Hoxie. “The merger will now allow Milford to serve all boys and girls age 4-13, no matter where they live in Milford.”

Milford Little League VP of Baseball Pat Fallon said, “Just a quick look at the numbers and we should have over 600 children playing either baseball or softball in this spring season alone. The biggest winners in this merger are the kids of Milford. There will now be more teams in each age group, the opportunity for all kids to play with their friends, better fundraising to increase the quality of fields, more competition, and, of course, a larger volunteer base of coaches.”

The new combined league is called Milford Little League and can be found at

"There are of course many projects that need to be done such as combining databases, updating logos/colors, signage, field assignments, etc.,” said  Mark Kaminski, extended board member of Milford Little League. “But at the end of the day, the group of people who put this merger together should be thanked by all the baseball and softball parents of this community because the only mission has been to do what is best for the kids of this community.”

The merged board of the two leagues chose to combine the leagues’ colors for the logo as a symbol of the merger. The logo utilizes the “Foran Blue” from Milford International and “Law Gold” from Milford National Lou Gehrig’s.

"Milford Little League will maintain the heritage of the two leagues' prior names by incorporating them as District All-Star team names," said  Executive VP, Milford Little League, Rob Hansen.

“This is a year to remember in Milford as this spring season will be the first baseball and softball season as Milford Little League, now the oldest, largest, and only Little League in Milford,” said Bill Garfield, VP of Softball.

The volunteers who made this merger happen are Jay Aliberti, Mark Deitelbaum, Carl Deprofio, Kelly DiGioia, Pat Fallon, Bill Garfield, Paul Goglia, Scott Griffin, Rob Hansen, Rob Hoxie, Mark Kaminski, Mike Liebelt, Anthony Meglio, Mike Merchant, Lori Seluga, Joe Trapani and Scott Worzel.