Milford International Little League registration is now open for the 2017 baseball and softball season.

MILL offers all Live Oaks, Calf Pen Meadow, Orchard Hills and East Shore Middle School children the opportunity to play in the baseball division from T-Ball (age 4-6), Coach Pitch (7-8), Farms (9-10) up to the Majors (11-12) division. The new Intermediate (11-13) division is open to all Milford students.

New in 2017: Little League has instituted a rule that players may play two divisions in baseball. If you are interested in playing in two  divisions, you may select the registration for the second division for a reduced price.

The softball league is open to all Milford girls from ages 6-14.

MILL offers family discounts for those who have more than one child playing in the league.

For details and to register, visit