Junior Major Rookie Division update

In a highly competitive Junior Major League Rookie Division match-up, the Braves took on the Red Sox and fans were not disappointed.

Offensively the Braves were led by Kevin Chen (3-for-3, double), and PJ Fiallos Ruby Moretti and Logan Harriman (1-for-2).

Defensively, the Braves were led by Matthew Sissick (1B, SS), Caleb Jordan (SS, CF), James Cavallo (SS, 1B) and Mike Smith (3B, 2B).

The game ball was awarded to Ruby Moretti.


In what was an offensive breakout for the Braves and the best all-around performance by far, the Braves were led at the plate by William LeCuyer (3-for-3, two runs scored), Luis Lozada (3-for-3, five RBIs, grand slam home run), Mike Smith (2-for-3, two runs scored), Matthew Sissick (2-for-3, two runs scored) and  Logan Harriman (2-for-3).

Defensively the Braves were exceptional, led by Ruby Moretti (P, SS), PJ Fiallos (2B, OF), Kevin Chen (C, OF, 1B) and Caleb Jordan (SS, 2B, CF).

The game ball was awarded to Caleb Jordan.

The Braves will be in action again on Friday, May 16, vs the Yankees at Bernard Field at  6:30 p.m.