Gymnastics: Lakewood-Trumbull excels at YMCA Northeast Regionals

The Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA girls gymnastics team traveled to Readfield, Maine, on May 20 to compete at the 2019 Northeast Regional YMCA Gymnastics Championship hosted by Waterville YMCA.

Lakewood-Trumbull Y sent over 40 gymnasts to compete at Regionals, with approximately 400 other competitors and close to 20 different YMCA teams.

Lakewood-Trumbull Y ended the weekend with numerous All-Around Regional champions and several Regional champions on individual events. Overall, Lakewood-Trumbull Y had many gymnasts place in any given event.

Abby Burke of Trumbull won the Level 3, 11A division on vault (9.575) and beam (9.550). Hailey McDonough from Trumbull was third on vault (9.4), and third on beam (9.350) in the 11B division.

Addison Scott from Monroe placed second in the 10A division on bars (8.925).

Several of the Level 4 gymnasts competing, placed in the top three at a Regional level. Olivia Benisch, Level 4 of Stratford in the 11B division placed second on floor (9.425) and second all-around (36.725). Carly Murphy, Level 4 of Trumbull, placed third on bars (8.6) in the 10B division. Chloe Hall, Level 5 of Monroe, placed first on vault (9.750) and third all-around (35.350) in the 9-10 division. Celestina Bellulovich, Level 5 of Easton, placed second on vault (9.350).

Lakewood-Trumbull Y’s level 6, level 7, and level 8 optional gymnasts dominated the podium in awards.

Level 6 Carly Jordan of Monroe placed 3rd on vault (8.850) in the age 10-12 division. Margaret Williamson, Level 6 of Trumbull in the 14-15 division, placed first on beam (9.450). Kayla Scott, level 7 of Monroe in the 15-plus division, placed third on beam (9.0). Level 7 Talia Lalli placed second on bars (8.7), second on beam (9.075) and second all-around (35.325) in the 15-plus division.

Amy Naylor, Level 7 of Shelton, dominated the podium in the in the age 13 division. She was first all-around (36.975), first on bars (9.525) and first on beam (9.7). Level 8 gymnast Lindsay Capobianco of Milford placed second on beam (9.275).

Xcel Silver gymnast Sofia Nicolia of Trumbull competed in the age 12 division. She placed second on vault (9.250), first on bars (9.525), first on floor (9.350) and first all-around (37.375). In the same division, Addison Pastore of Trumbull placed third on floor (9.1).

Alexa Palo of Trumbull placed first on vault (9.250), second on beam (9.675) and third all-around (36.600) in the age 11 division. Lauren Clark of Trumbull placed first on bars (9.5) and third on floor (8.750) in the 14-plus age division.

Xcel Gold Arianna Sebourne of Trumbull placed second on floor (9.5) in the age 12 division. Ava Baghdady, Xcel Gold of Monroe, placed third on bars (9.225) and third on beam (9.150) in the age 14 division.

Xcel Bronze gymnasts all made placements in awards.

Katherine Enhoffer of Fairfield won the all-around (37.550), was first on vault (9.250), second on bars (9.250), second on beam (9.625) and second on floor (9.425) in the 11-plus division. Veronica Sernicki of Trumbull placed third on vault (8.925), and second on bars (9.325) in the age 9-10 division. Savanna Cedrone of Monroe placed third on beam (9.350) in the age 9-10 division. Molly Boyle of Monroe placed third on beam (9.450) in the age 6-8 division.