Everton-Aston Villa match up in U8 soccer

When Everton met Aston Villa in a Milford United Soccer U8 Division match this past Sunday, fans weren’t disappointed.

Aston Villa jumped out to an early lead in the first half, and Everton was hard pressed to match them.

The second half proved to be where the Everton club rose to the occasion, as it out scored their opponent and held them to a lone goal.

Leading the way offensively for Everton was Declan Wywoda with two goals.

Several players were just off the mark with scoring chances, but that did not stifle their efforts and Everton played excellent defensively in the second half.

Oliver Sawitsky, Jacob Collette, Aidan Lam and Daniel Hulme played tough defense for Everton.

Especially impressive was the combination of Stefan Couloures, Zachary Crocce and Marko Joksovic.

Matched with William LeCuyers’ tenacious all-around play and Wywoda controlling the midfield, Everton dictated the pace.

Everton will be in action again this Sunday, taking on Liverpool. The match is slated for an11 a.m. start and will take place at Garden Field.