Everton-Arsenal match-up well in season ender

In the final match of the Milford United Soccer Club’s U8 Division season, the meeting between Team Everton and Arsenal on Nov. 9, featured plenty of offense.

The first half saw both clubs putting fourth multiple goals, as they went back and fourth and played to a draw.

The second half was where Arsenal showed it was missing their ace, and along with the absence of Everton table-setter’s Declan Wywoda and Jake Hanson, the offensive firepower was limited.

Highlights for Everton offensively were led by William LeCuyer, who had three tallies to finish with 20-plus for the season.

Marco Joksovic, Zachary Crocce and Oliver Sawitsky had one goal each.

Daniel Hulme, Jacob Collette, Aidan Lam and Stefan Couloures were among the key defenders.

After the contest, Everton coach Matt Schoonmaker thanked his players and their parents for all of their time and dedication during the season.