WiffleFest 2018 at Short Beach in Stratford

Sterling House Community Center is inviting backyard wiffle ball stars of all ages to enter WiffleFest 2018, a team-based tournament that will be held on Saturday, July 21, at Short Beach in Stratford.

All proceeds from WiffleFest 2018 will be used to support Sterling House’s athletic programs serving thousands of youth and adults annually in Stratford.

Registration is now open for teams consisting of three or four players. The entry fee is $100 per team. Each team is guaranteed at least three games during Pool Play, with the top teams from each pool advancing to Bracket Play.

The tournament will be organized into two age groups: over 16 and 16-and-under.

All players 8 years and older are welcome. The games will be played at the Short Beach Little League ballfields, 1 Dorne Drive, Stratford. The rain date is Sunday, July 22.

To register your team online, go to: stratfordsterlinghouselacrosse.org.

Please register before July 13 to avoid a $25 late registration fee.

For more information, email: j_karafa@hotmail.com, or call 203-913-3899.

Game Play Rules

There is no base-running in WiffleFest play.

Chairs and Strike Zones will be used to determine the strike zone. Any pitch striking the border or within the target (chairback) is called a strike.

Any combination of two missed swings, called strikes, and/or foul balls in an out. Four balls is a walk. Hit batters do not take a base.

The batting order must include everyone on the team and remain constant throughout the entire game. There are three outs per inning and six innings per game.

Hits are determined by designated field areas. A ball reaching the ground on or past the singles line is a single, landing on or past the doubles line in the air is a double, hitting the fence or home run line is a triple, and landing over the fence or home run line is a home run.

If a ball deflects off a fielder in one area and lands in another (before touching the ground), the hit will be determined by the area the ball lands in, NOT where it deflected off the fielder.

Teams must keep track of their own baserunners, counts, lineups and scores, and reach decisions together on fair/foul balls and safe/out calls.

Tournament staff will settle any disputes or answer any questions regarding the rules. If the tournament staff is involved, their decision is final.

Up to four players are allowed in the field during play (including the pitcher). Each can position him/herself anywhere in fair territory beyond the singles line/pitcher’s mound.

Fielders may take one step in from the singles line to field a ground ball, which must be fielded WITHOUT any bobbling to be an out, otherwise it is ruled a single. Fly balls may be bobbled but must be caught before touching the ground/fence to be an out.

All plays must be made using only human extremities (no hats, gloves, or anything else may be used to aid the fielder).

Pitching will be monitored and limited to a maximum speed of 45 MPH.