Rec lists requirements for adult softball leagues

The Milford Recreation Department is taking team registration for its ASA Adult Softball Leagues beginning on Feb. 3. Only submission of all registration fees shall reserve a spot.

League Director Patrick Austin  203.783.3390 or

Registration is on a first come first serve basis to Milford teams and will conclude on Friday, Feb. 28, or when league limits are met.

Registration is for Milford resident or  Milford-based Industrial teams only.

A Tournament Division team must have a minimum of 10 Milford residents to register during this period.

Registration for non-resident Tournament teams will begin on Monday, Feb. 24.

The Men’s Tournament Division will allow non-resident teams if space permits.

These leagues are open to teams comprised of Milford residents or real estate taxpayers only. All participants must have proof of eligibility on their person at all times. Eligibility spot checks will be done.

Upon request, any Recreation Department Official or his designee my seek proof of residency (photo identification) or a grand-fathered players former resident affidavit form. This request may come at any time, including game time. Failure to produce proper proof will deem that player ineligible until the proper paperwork is filed.

Industrial Teams – All members of the team must work full time in Milford for the Milford Based Company (i.e. BIC, Schick, Fire Dept) for which they work. The company’s personnel official must submit a Notarized Employer Statement to verify employment. Industrial teams cannot be combined with non-employee Milford residents.

Grandfather clause — Former primary residents who grew up and lived in Milford and went through grammar school and high school while living in Milford or who as an adult lived in Milford for a minimum of 10 years before moving out of town. (Maximum of six players per team, who must submit a former resident affidavit form).

Men’s Seniors — Teams and/or individuals may be residents and/or non-residents, in order to provide a league.

Men’s/Women’s Open Tournament — Teams and/or individuals may be residents and/or non-residents, in order to provide a league. See special note above.

All teams are responsible for the following league fees at the time of registration (separate checks) and associated costs as required during the season.

Entry fee: $20 per team payable to City of Milford; Connecticut ASA fee $30 per team payable to City of Milford; Forfeit fee                                     $120 per team payable to City of Milford; Umpire fee (2 man) $30 per team/per game payable in cash at game time; Umpire fee (1 man) $46/$23 per team/per game payable in cash at game time; Grandfather fee $50 per player (max 6) payable to Milford Recreation Dept.

Each team must have a set of thrown down bases, including a safety first base.

Each team must supply one new ball per game (see specifics).

Player’s may not play in the Tournament League and the Recreation (Wood Bat) League in any division of play. Players may not participate on two Recreation Division teams.

The Recreation Department makes no guarantee that any league/team will be scheduled to play on any one particular night. Teams must be prepared to play on any night of the week.

Due to the limited number of playable fields, the Recreation Department reserves the right to limit the number of teams, to delay the start of leagues, to schedule games on Saturdays and/or Sundays, and to make any other decision it feels to be in the best interest of the league, the Recreation Department, and the City of Milford.

In cases where teams must qualify for a Sectional or State Tournament, teams may be required to participate in a local tournament to qualify. This may include playing multiple games on the same day (more than likely a weekend).

Due to the anticipated limited playing fields, all games are to be played as scheduled.  No changes will be allowed. Please roster enough players.

Games that are rained out will be re-scheduled as time and space permits, which may be as early as the following day, added to the end of the regular season, or not played at all.