Free trout fishing class

The Milford Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Connecticut Aquatic Resource Education Program, is sponsoring a free trout fishing class on Friday, April 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. in room 159 at the Margaret Egan Center at 35 Matthew St., off of Naugatuck Ave. It is open to children of all ages and parents.

Come learn intermediate level trout fishing techniques through a free seminar hosted by state certified Chief Fishing Instructor Chris DeForge, who will discuss casting techniques, types of baits and lures, reading water currents, and areas to fish so you can make the most out of your trout season this year.

Anglers of all experience levels are welcome, but the course will be tailored towards those who already have a basic knowledge about how to go fishing.

To register or for more information, call DeForge at 203-283-3353.