Fall Wood Softball League to begin

The Milford Umpires Fall League (Wood Bat) has announced its rules and regulations.

Entrance Fee $325 – Zero amount of money will be collected for forfeited game(s). If you forfeit at any time $140 will be collected before you can play your next game. If you do not pay on time you will be removed from the league.

Games to be played on Sunday morning’s with start times of 9 a.m. or possibly earlier till noon. Using the following fields Washington, Platt Tech and Foote Field. We will also be playing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at Washington Field starting at 6 p.m.

Expected starting date: Sunday, Aug. 26. Money must be received by Aug. 15 and check payable to Milford Umpire’s Association or MUA and mailed to Brad Sanchez, 6 Haystack Road, Milford, Connecticut, 06461.

There is no Milford residency requirement. Teams and players can come from anywhere and must be on a roster. There is a 16 team limit, first 16 checks are in.

All Milford Recreation Department and USA rules apply.

Exceptions: Run rule as follows: 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings,  if visitors go up 15 runs in top of 5th inning or 10 runs in the top of 6th or 7th inning game is over, home team does not bat.
Flip flop will also be used this year if both teams agree and only used if home team is losing going into 7th inning. If teams agree, rule A is still in effect.
One courtesy runner will be allowed per inning.
Wood Bats will be used as long as it says official softball or softball on bat  (All corn dog bats are allowed). No stealing. We will be using the mat, so the plate and mat will be a strike.

There will be a 10- minute forfeit time for the first game scheduled and after that game time will be forfeit time. Coin flip for home team – for single game, or first game of  double headers, split home field

Umpires will be paid at the game - $35 per game for two umpires.

To cancel a game the team must notify the League Director (Brad Sanchez  203-260-4209) 48 hours before gametime or game will be treated as a forfeit.

Because of limited field availability teams may be required to travel to another playing site on the same day to play another game. In case of inclement weather, only contact Sanchez.

If there is a day/time that a team cannot play, please make Sanchez aware of it by noting it on the application. He will do his best to accommodate.

Each team must supply one (1) ASA approved ball .47/525, if team supplies a lower compression ball they only hit that ball.

Milford has a no tolerance swearing rule – no warnings shall be given. Umpire’s call, team will be given an out on the next batter up. Second offense offender will be ejected.

Ejections – any player ejected during, before or after the game will also serve a one-game suspension for the team’s next game. He will not be allowed to be on the bench or coach any base. A second ejection will result in ejection from the league for the remainder of the season, playoffs included.