Kellie Salito taking worthy 250-mile bike trip

Kellie Salito of Milford will be participating in the 7th annual Tour DaVita, a bicycle ride of 250-plus miles in South Carolina the week of Sept. 14-18.

Salito wrote on her fund-raising page on the Tour DaVita web site:

“I wanted to let you know that I am participating in Tour DaVita this September to help improve kidney health and provide life-saving treatment to people with kidney disease who have few, if any, options available to them.

“I need your support and encouragement.

“Life-saving dialysis is not available in most of the developing world.

“There are 112 countries that do not have resources for dialysis or treatment, which directly results in the death of over one million people a year from kidney failure.

“I am among many people across the country riding in the event and raising funds for Bridge of Life – DaVita Medical Missions.

“I support their mission to help improve kidney health and save lives by bringing treatment, education, and hope to under served communities around the world.”

Go to Kellie Salito’s fund-raising page for more information on how to contribute. So far, she has raised $675 online.

The ride is a celebration of DaVita teammates (employees) and the work they do every day.

It is also an important vehicle for raising awareness for kidney disease, and for prevention programs to stop the advancement of this “silent killer.”

This ride will benefit The Kidney TRUST™, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides no-cost kidney health screening to the public in non-medical settings.

Early stages of kidney disease have almost no symptoms, so these screenings can alert people with impaired kidney function while they can still take action.

At early stages, kidney disease can be slowed or stopped altogether – preventing, or at least delaying, the need for dialysis.

The Kidney TRUST is the only organization in America that provides free kidney screenings with immediate results.