Milford hosts Bridgeport Central in fencing tourney

The Milford Combined High School fencing team competed in its first-ever Invitational Fencing Tournament on March 6, at Jonathan Law, posting a strong showing in a night of mixed foil fencing.

Coach Mark Kissinger said, “We saw many close bouts, high-spirited competition and even more exemplary sportsmanship on the fencing strips, with many new friends being made between bouts.”

Milford’s men and women foil fencers from Law and Foran were pleased to host the Bridgeport Central team, and the team plans to make this an annual event.

Club manager Chris Hiza noted that the final tournament of the season will be held at Foran High’s Edna Fraser Gymnasium on Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. Admission is free.