Lawmen hosting Class M meet

Jonathan Law placed 13th out of 14 teams at the SCC Tournament on Feb. 15, and was the lone squad not have a wrestler finish in the top four. Tim Rebentisch (120), Sean Berg (132), Devin Bannon (152), Max German (160) and Kurt Holden (170) won matches for Law.

“Well, let’s see, after a few days to decompress and look back at the day, we actually wrestled to our seeds accept at 120 and 160,” Law coach Matt Schoonmaker said. “I am fully confident that Max German would have finished top four (at 160) if he had not been injured in his semifinal match. As a precautionary measure we opted to shut him down to look towards the Class Ms. The strategy might pay off as he is a four seed this weekend.

"At 120, I was disappointed that we did not at least finish at our seed but ran into the third seed a round early in the consolation semis. Tim Rebentisch wrestled tough and lost 2-0 on a reversal with four seconds left in regulation. He will be the fifth seed this weekend.

“In regards to our overall performance, I was quite disappointed in several weight classes. In a nutshell, the tournament was a disappointment as I felt we did not rise to the challenge and compete at a level that I have come to expect and demand from my athletes.

“Moving forward to states, I was pleasantly surprised with our seeds overall, with six seeded to place. We have wrestled to our seed ninety-five percent of the time this season. “With our schedule...I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to do so. That is the idea of wrestling the schedule that we wrestled this season and with this team. Hopefully, they will be able to understand what is at stake and be able to perform and compete to their ability.

“If they are able to do so we can have a nice Class M tournament. I am excited and fully vested in this group and feel that we may actually exceed our seeds overall. “I can’t coach any other way. The goal is seven to the (State) opens. Have to strive to exceed expectations, have to push them further than they think they can go.”