Law's Ryan Mola's hits memorable shot at Orange Hills

Jonathan Law’s Ryan Mola had a day to remember when coach Andrew Koorejian’s Lawmen concluded the regular season with a match versus Amity at Orange Hill Country Club on May 22.

It will be noteworthy, not by who won the match but rather by a shot that no golfer can ever forget.  

While Law lost the tight match 166-167, Mola score his first ever hole in one on the ninth hole. 

Coach Koorejian said, “I saw the ball in flight, but I did not see the ball drop from where I was standing.  All I saw was Ryan leaving his group and running up to the hole. He peeked in the cup and then you could not mistake the incredible smile he had. 

“This was the first time many of us ever saw a hole in one. Both Law and Amity players congratulated him and even the staff of Orange Hills joined in. I think he's still smiling about it.”