Lacrosse: Lauralton Hall defeats Law

Lauralton Hall’s lacrosse team defeated Jonathan Law, 19-9, on Monday.

Lauralton was led in scoring by Nikki Zacaro with seven goals.

Korry Ullman scored four goals, Julia Rachol, three, Olivia Proscott two, K.K. Ball two and Leah Cogguillo one.

Zacaro had two assists. Ullman, Rachol, Proscott and Cogguillo had one each.

Elyse Darcy made six saves.

Scoring goals for Law were Olivia Keator (three), Andria Torres (three), Catie Rice (two) and Colleen Goodwin one.

Torres had three assists and Keator one.

Stella Patrick made 13 saves.