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Platt Tech swept Grasso Tech, 7-0, on Tuesday. 

Charlize Corriette had the best match for the Panthers (3-8, 3-2 CTC), winning 9-9 (7-4). 


Juliana Pinto def Violet Abad 8-1; Crystal Jacome def Hannah Vandevander 8-3; Kim Chiroy def Maria Pedraza 8-2; Te’Ajai Hall def Dinorah Cruz 8-2; Charlize Corriette def Sequia Hood 9-8 (7-4). 


Jessica Goodwin/Taelor Rose def Leslie Melendez/Maria Vasquez 8-0; Briana Aguilar/Gabby Williamson def Keisha Rodriguez/Violet Abad 8-1.