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Jonathan Law defeated Foran High, 118.45-105.85 in girls gymnastics on Thursday.

Vault: Hailey Alicki (F) 8.0, Kira Chandra (L) 7.9, (tie for third) Melissa Grabowski (L) and Megan Grabowski (L) 7.7.

Bars: Kira Chandra (L) 7.7, Hailey Alicki (F) 7.4, (tie for third) Megan Grabowski (L) and Niamh Nelson (L) 7.0.

Beam: Katelyn Carino (F) 7.4, Arielle Eighmy (L) 7.3, Kira Chandra (L) 7.25.

Floor: (tie for first) Kelsey Kopazna (L) and Kristin Frank (L) 7.7, Kira Chandra (L) 7.6, Steph Cameron (L) 7.5.

All Around: Kira Chandra (L) 30.45, Hailey Alicki (F) 28.2, Katelyn Carino (F) 28.1.