LEROY: What’s next for the annual tradition of college realignment?

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In what is becoming an annual tradition in college athletics, a couple of more Power 5 conference schools are leaving one league for another.

UCLA and USC are the latest to be a making the big move as they are bolting from the PAC-12 to the Big 10 as early as 2024.

Just wondering if Lincoln Riley will be looking for another job with USC’s move.

Like Texas and Oklahoma last year, the big-name California schools are leaving for more money, especially that TV revenue.

PAC-12 after dark is apparently only good for stoners, drunks and football junkies. I think school officials would prefer their games to be on TV when a big part of the country is neither inebriated or falling asleep.

Being on TV at 11 a.m. was one of the complaints from OU and Texas officials even though they might still get that time slot when they play Vanderbilt or Kentucky.

Other than the money, there’s really not much that fits about USC and UCLA playing in the Big 10. They’re going to travel at least 1,500 miles to play a game and some of those California kids are not going to be too happy about playing in sub-freezing weather.

Oh yeah, baseball and softball players, get to enjoy playing in Wisconsin and Michigan when there’s still snow on the ground. But since you’re part of a non-revenue program, don’t expect the school bigwigs to shed a tear since what they really care about is that football money.

Like the Big 12 before them, the PAC-12 failed to be progressive and look to expand when they had the chance. The Big 12 realized later it was a mistake, so it went out and got Houston, Cincinnati, University of Central Florida and BYU. The PAC-12 could have poached Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, to name two, but said no thanks. Now the PAC-12 might lose additional teams to the Big 12 with new Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark coming in. Some of the teams already being speculated that the Big 12 could poach would be Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah.

But it would be funny if Colorado submits an application to join the Big 12 and it gets rejected as a payback for leaving the Big 12 in the first place.

The problem for the Big 12 is that it’s still going to lack behind the Big 10 and SEC in terms of TV revenue. Big-name programs OU and UT leaving isn’t going to help that and especially not having its own TV network is not helping.

The Big 12 along with the ACC and PAC-12 need to make significant moves to cut the gap in TV revenue. If not, college fans will be left with two super Power 5 conferences with about 20 programs in each.

Don’t know about most folks, but that doesn’t sound very appealing.

--Congratulations to those players and coaches who have been honored on the Reporter-Telegram’s Postseason All-Star teams in baseball a couple of weeks ago, and for softball this weekend.

These teams have become highly anticipated for our readers and it only makes sense we get an opportunity to honor athletes and coaches and not just in football. As long as we get great participation and response, we will keep doing these and might expand in the future to other sports.

--And finally, have an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July. There’s too much tribalism and bickering going on this country right now and this should be a time to celebrate what makes this country great.

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