Law girls finding roles where needed to help lacrosse team

Coach Diana DiGangi's senior captains are Ava Asmussen, Ella Jambor and Jordyn Konlian.

Coach Diana DiGangi's senior captains are Ava Asmussen, Ella Jambor and Jordyn Konlian.

Law Athletics / Contributed photo

Law girls’ lacrosse coach Diana DiGangi greeted a large group of players when the season began.

“We had a new group of girls came out to play with varying levels of skill,” she said. “I think we’ve came through this season and helped those players adapt and fill in the spots we needed.

“It’s been more of a building season. I had scenarios in my head that didn’t play out the way I thought they would (due to injuries and missed time to quarantine) coming in. I had to switch girls from defense to offense or midfield to fill in where we needed.”

Law will take a 4-6 record into its game with Amity on Friday.

Jordyn Konlian, Ella Jambor and Ava Asmussen are captains.

DiGangi said: “It worked out that one is attacker (Jambor) one is in midfield (Konlian) and one is a defender (Asmussen). Each has their own leadership style on the field and that helps.

“With Ava because we run a backer-style defense as well as a man, she must be on her game to identify what needs to happen.

“Having Jordyn in the midfield and taking those draws is important. She knows where to put the draw. Having her sister Lindsay with her in the midfield has been great. They know what they are doing.

“Ella is a lefty. She is unstoppable when she does her crease roll toward the cage. She’s had four goals in two different games just off that crease roll alone.”

Jambor, Molly Murray, Kari Boyle and Jenna Wasserman have led the attack.

Jordyn Konlian, Lindsay Konlian, Maya Rosado and Hailey Boyle play midfield.

Asmussen, Emily Berard, Mariyah Reid and Marissa Wargo key the defense.

Bridget Bennett is in goal as a senior. She is backed up by junior Avery Flechtner.

“Some of the girls surprised me with how they could play anywhere. That has become the premise of this whole season. This team has been able to put a positive spin on things,” said DiGangi, who played goal at Cheshire and Southern Connecticut. She is assisted by former college teammate Lauren Horner.

"We’ve had that experience of teaching lacrosse to young players. We’ve also had that time in college. We can take those experiences to work with these girls some who came up from Milford Youth Lacrosse. It is imperative that the freshmen see some varsity minutes. That way they can learn certain things to work on in practice for years to come.”

“At beginning of season, it was more taking things half by half. Now we are at point that every game matters. We look to keep the energy going and find ways to help each other. We are super lucky to be playing this season. Now we have to take advantage of it and keep fighting together for those wins.” Twitter: @blox354