Law falls to Hand in boys track

Jonathan Law lost 91.5-58.5 to Daniel Hand in boys’ track on Tuesday.

Naheim Washington, Jackson Warters and Gary Schulte each won two individual events for the Lawmen

4x800 Hand 9:08 (H. Greneir, D. Zuconi, M. Genther, C. Parthashrthy)

4x100 Law 44.41 (Tom Bretthauer, Shane Pritchard, Ethan Harrigan, Naheim Washington)

Javelin Law 121-4 (Spencer Deer)

110HH Law 16.1 (Jackson Warters)

100m Law 11.2 (Naheim Washington)

Shot Put Law 38-6 (Gary Schulte)

1600m Hand 4:46 (J. O'Keefe)

400m Hand 51.6 (P. Odyniec)

Discus Law 120-7 (Gary Schulte)

300IM 43.2 (Jackson Warters)

800m Hand 2:08 (C. Parthasarthy)

200m Law 23.5 (Shane Pritchard)

3200m Hand 10:15 (J. O'Keefe)

Long Jump Hand 18-11 (C Gainer)

High Jump Hand 5-11 (McGeary)

Pole Vault Hand 13-0 (B. Meyers)

Triple Jump Law 41-10 (Naheim Washington)

4x400 Hand 3:34 (P. Odyniec, N. Montana, K. Hoffman, C. Parthasarthy)