Law blending together competitive team

Law's Maya Rosado, Lindsay Konlian, Hailey Boyle and Avery Flechtner are girls lacrosse captains.

Law's Maya Rosado, Lindsay Konlian, Hailey Boyle and Avery Flechtner are girls lacrosse captains.

Law Athletics / Contributed photo

Jonathan Law girls’ lacrosse coach Diana DiGangi has stressed communication as she blends a seasoned group with younger players.

“We knew coming in that communication on both sides of the ball was important,” DiGangi said. “It has been a strength so far. We will continue to work on that as we switch players into different positions.”

Law counts on multiple players to win the draw.

“When I first started (four years ago), I had two draw specialists. Both were seniors. My goal from the beginning of the season has been to have at least six girls on draw,” said DiGangi, who is assisted by Lauren Horner her college teammate at SCSU.

“We’ve been switching it up between junior Maya Rosado, senior Lindsay Konlian and freshman Chloe Konaraski (freshman). “We can rotate them through. Some are push drawing, some are pulling, some are self-drawing. It depends on who we are going up against.”

Avery Flechtner Hailey Boyle, Rosado and Konlian, are captains.

“A strength for Avery in goal is her ability to communicate. Her footwork has also blossomed since her first year. She is a leader,” DiGangi said of Flechtner a senior back from last year’s state team.

“Hailey Boyle has been my defensive wing middie the past four years. She is outstanding. When she graduates, we need someone and have been working in Sage Sonsini, a freshman. She has been excellent.”

Senior Mariyah Reid and sophomore Marissa Wargo anchor the defense.

“Zoe Johnson has a strong shot and played midfield last year,” DiGangi said of her sophomore. “Maya Rosado, Lindsay Konlian, Sage and Hailey are at midfield, along with Jenna Wasserman, a senior who we’ve been able to play everywhere. We rotate through midfield to make sure everyone has fresh legs.”

Johnson, sophomore Helen Chizmazia, Rosado, Konlian and Konareski lead the attack.

Law is 3-2, including a pair one-goal wins against Lyman Hall. Konareski had the tying and winning goals in the overtime win.

DiGangi said: “We’ve been looking to possess the ball, make plays, and make things happen. We had meeting on our goal as a team as well as individually where they work on smaller goals. We want to go further than we did last year. We have five seniors, five juniors and are heavy with freshman. This is a good group.” Twitter: @blox354