Lauralton swim and dive wins pair of meets

Lauralton Hall’s swimming and diving team defeated Amity 96-90 in a virtual dual meet on Monday.

Coach Paul Katz’s Crusaders improved to 5-0.

Lauralton event winners in the meet with include junior Morgan Bagnall in the 200-individual medley and 100 freestyle, Claire Kehley in the 200-freestyle and 500-freestyle and senior Vivian Freitas in the 100-backstroke.

Amity’s Katherine O’Connor won the 50-freestyle and Grace Mahon took the top spot in the 100-butterfly.

Lauralton was coming off a 98-76 victory against Daniel Hand.

Leading the win were senior Vivian Freitas in the 50-freestyle and 100-backstroke, junior Caroline Begg in the 200-individual medley and 500-freestyle, Bagnall in the 200-freestyle, and Julie Green in the 1-meter dive.

Daniel Hand’s Ava Keane won the 100-freestyle and Abbigail Chemacki took the top spot in the 100-breaststroke.

Lauralton Hall 96 Amity 90

200 medley relay: (Amity) Elizabeth Bodie, Amanda Robinson, Katherine O’Connor, Emma Tirollo 1:58.17

200 freestyle: (Lauralton) Claire Kehley 2:00.30

200 individual medley: (Lauralton) Morgan Bagnall 2:18.40

50 freestyle: (Amity) Katherine O’Connor 25.63

Diving: (Amity) Caitlyn Smith 170.55

100 butterfly: (Amity) Grace Mahon 1:02.25

100 freestyle: (Lauralton) Morgan Bagnall 56.22

500 freestyle: (Lauralton) Claire Kehley 5:20.58

200 freestyle relay: (Lauralton) Ashlyn Blessey, Elizabeth Long, Morgan Bagnall, Claire Kehley 1:46.92

100 backstroke: (Lauralton) Vivian Freitas 1:01.46

100 breaststroke: (Amity) Amanda Robinson 1:18.28

400 Freestyle Relay: (Lauralton) Ashlyn Blessey, Morgan Bagnall, Claire Kehley, Vivian Freitas 3:52.99

Lauralton Hall 98 Daniel Hand 76

200 medley relay: (Lauralton) Vivian Freitas, Abby Guilfoyle, Jaiden Johnson, Elizabeth Long 2:01.14

200 freestyle: (Lauralton) Morgan Bagnall 157.92

200 individual medley: (Lauralton) Caroline Begg 2:29.71

50 freestyle: (Lauralton) Tie - Vivian Freitas 26.31

Diving: (Daniel Hand) Julie Green 157.43

100 butterfly: (Lauralton) Jaiden Johnson 1:04.21

100 freestyle: (Daniel Hand) Ava Keane 57.17

500 freestyle: (Lauralton) Caroline Begg 5:36.06

200 freestyle relay: (Daniel Hand) Haley WInes, Kacie Wines, Emma Ruffo, Ava Keane 1:52.58

100 backstroke: (Lauralton) Vivian Freitas 1:00.41

100 breaststroke: (Daniel Hand) Abbigail Chemacki 1:19.29

400 Freestyle Relay: (Daniel Hand) Alexandra Betts, Haley Wines, Sophie Cadematori, Abbigail Chemacki 4:23.70