Junior golf stars set to shine at annual Fran McCarthy tournament

For more than two decades, the Fran McCarthy Junior Golf Tournament has been a sort of "last hurrah" for young local golfers before summer ends and school begins.

Tuesday morning, dozens of local youngsters, ages 5 to 17, will tee off in the annual event at Richter Park Golf Course in Danbury. The one-day tournament is divided into three age groups -- ages 5 to 8 will play five holes, ages 9 to 12 will play nine holes and ages 13 to 17 will play 18 holes.

The defending 18-hole champions -- Jacob Henny of Norwalk and Lauren Bacigalupi of Southbury -- are both listed among this year's field. Last year, the lefty-swinging Henny fired a 2-over-par 74 during regulation, then beat Grayson Wiley of Ridgefield in a one-hole playoff to win the boys title. Bacigalupi fired a 96 to win the girls title by nine strokes.

Fran McCarthy Junior Golf Tournament

Richter Park Golf Club, Danbury, par 72


Tee Times

Ages 5-8, Tee 14

7:00 -- Benjamin Pawlowski, Sam Staubly, Kyle Boller.

7:10 -- Logan Kovacs, Riley Totten, Aiden Garvey.

7:20 -- Jack Whalen, Johnny Mould, Sebastien Beaver.

7:30 -- Savanah Dorsch, Olivia Muller.

7:40 -- Cassandra Plank-Pinho, Isabella Madrid.

Ages 9-12, Tee 10

7:03 -- Jacob Engelbrecht, Matt Burke, David Brestovanski.

7:12 -- Nicky Chiarella, Jack Dingersen, Colin Callahan.

7:21 -- Riley Moore, Tyler Warren, Johnny Demoura.

7:30 -- Connor Corcoran, Jaden Cazorla, Mason Piersall.

7:39 -- Ryan Mondonedo, Justin Figueiredo, Michael Donnelly.

7:48 -- Nico Madrid, Aiden Jacobson, Hunter Fairchild.

7:57 -- Joseph Mooney, A.J. Kovacs, Joshua Bloom.

8:06 -- Alexa Madrid, Olivia Demoura, Alyssa Maiolo.

8:15 -- Anna Rose McCarthy, Sydney Nethercott.

8:30 -- Ilo Fury, Oona Fury, Lauren Gherna, Payton Dorsch.

Ages 13-17, Tee 1

7:03 -- Jacob Meisel, Connor Looney, Patrick Mcloughlin.

7:12 -- Jordan Sanyshyn, Spencer Olsen.

7:21 -- Hunter Tuccio, Michael Kochanski, Christopher Broadie.

7:30 -- Andrew Stock, Matt Wood, Tim Mondonedo.

7:39 -- John Maiolo, Jacob Henny, Alex Watanabe.

7:48 -- John Clouse, Nick Piersall, Tyler Poeti.

7:57 -- Andrew Franz, Michael Parker, Kevin Gillotti.

8:06 -- Robert Wabshinak, Kevin Culligan, James Jerolimo.

8:15 -- Cameron Burger, Ethan Schondorf, Thomas Cioffi.

8:24 -- Chris Erikson, Thomas Yavorka, Michael Miskov.

8:33 -- Matt Beaver, Alec Moore, Ian Shannon.

8:42 -- Robert Gallacher, Jim Parker, Dylan Olsen.

8:51 -- Kyle Poeti, Phillip Servider, Mathew Sweet.

9:00 -- Sam Steichen. Lauren Bacigalupi, Andrea Stock.

9:09 -- Lauren Peter, Shelby Vertula, Katelyn Mooney.

* Tee times courtesy of RichterPark.com