Foran football players out to make impression

MILFORD - Foran football coach Tom Drew is looking at the SCC’s 7-on 7 fall football season as a chance for players to make an impression.

“We aren’t a young team, but we are in terms of experience,” Drew said of his team that finished 5-5 last year. “For the kids, this 7 on 7 is an opportunity to showcase what they can do. For us as coaches, it is a chance to see who can shine.

“Last year during the summer passing league, we really saw Jack Dawid start to shine. Prior to that, we didn’t know who we had in Jack (a top receiver as a junior and a team tri-captain with Ben Geier and Joey Cappello this season). So, there is some good that can come out of this 7 on 7 for players and coaches.”

Foran will open with a visit to Shelton on Saturday. SCC commissioner Al Carbone confirmed that the league principals approved a proposal of a five-week season, ending the first weekend of November. There will be 12 teams participating, according to Carbone: Daniel Hand, Shelton, Notre Dame-West Haven, Amity, Branford, Foran, Law, Hamden, Xavier, Lyman Hall, Sheehan and Guilford. New Haven has not confirmed if Hillhouse and Wilbur Cross will be permitted to participate.

Drew is out to make lemonade out of a lemon-filled predicament.

“Our approach right now, I tell the kids, that this is like our summer offseason,” he said. “We hope that the spring season can take off and we can go with it. 7 on 7 isn’t football. Our kids are aware of that. When we talked to the kids, they made it clear they wanted to compete in any fashion.”

Drew likes the SCC setup.

“The summer passing leagues aren’t organized like this. For us, we go to West Haven every summer with 6 teams and the coaches sit on the side and the kids do their thing,” he said. “We will bring 40, with varsity and JV, that’s 30 kids and 10 linemen for the linemen challenge when that is an option agreed on by both teams. It will be a lot of our juniors and seniors with the varsity group, and sophomores and freshmen with the JV group. We have between 15-18 seniors. Our kids (linemen) want to participate in it, we are working on getting approval so that we can lift weights at school as well.”

Depth charts aren’t important at this stage.

Drew said: “It’s not a regular preseason. Our depth chart isn’t something we’ve sat down and set as a staff. We are trying to utilize the time to give everyone as many reps as possible. In a regular preseason, if you are not a 1 or 2 (first or second teamer), you are on scout team (mimicking the other team) or just getting mental reps (watching from sideline).

“Here we are looking to create more depth. While we know where some key pieces fit in the puzzle, we are trying to bring everyone collectively up to speed.”

A spring season is the carrot for the players.

“We’ve been practicing two days a week without pads. We’ve been able to do the skill work and conditioning, implementing our offense and defense,” Drew said. “We are going to continue to do that as long as we can, which I believe is Nov. 21.” Twitter: @blox354