Foran football coach Drew feels for his seniors

Foran coach Tom Drew is hoping to get back on the football field for spring practice.

Foran coach Tom Drew is hoping to get back on the football field for spring practice.

John Vanacore / Hearst Connecticut Media

Foran High football coach Tom Drew wasn’t surprised when the other shoe dropped to end hopes of a football season but said he hurts for what the decision meant for the seniors on his team.

“We had a good size senior class and a lot of kids that wanted to make a name for themselves with colleges,” Drew said. “They were looking to gain that experience this season.”

After the fall football season was canceled because the sport was designated high risk on Sept. 29, the CIAC put forth plans for an alternative football season to run late winter. But when the CIAC announced it would be postponing the winter season into January, the die was cast on football’s future.

The CIAC's Board of Control officially pulled the plug on an alternative football season during its Jan. 14 meeting.

Drew said: “It’s tough to tell the kids that they can’t play the sport they love to play. That is difficult for these kids. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have a senior year of football, it helped get me into college (Siena).

Drew continues to try and find spots for his players looking to play at the next level.

“We are sending out tapes, but it is tough especially because some of our kids were going to move to a different position that they wanted to play in college. I feel this year I’m constantly delivering bad news. It’s not just football, but other sports out there.”

While seniors were denied a season, upcoming sophomores and juniors lost a chance to gain experience at the varsity level. Having spring practice would help younger players catch up.

“I’ve seen some of the proposals,” Drew said. “I’d be okay with spring ball and even if they would let us start (next season) two weeks early. Across the state you are going to see kids that haven’t seen the field at varsity levels. For safety reasons, I hope they can give us something to get these kids ready.

“We had few kids that were juniors last year that weren’t quite ready but watching them in practice you could tell they are going to be good. There were flashes of their talent on scout teams that made you think this kid will be a player. It has been difficult all the way around.”

Drew hopes for one more moment with his seniors.

“I certainly want to honor them this year. I hope that things clear up in spring and have something for them, maybe a banquet to let them see what they have meant to our program.” Twitter: @blox354