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Foran High’s cross country teams took on North Haven in its season openers on Tuesday.

The girls team won a 22-47 decision; the boys lost 15-45.

Mia Williams placed first in the girls’ race. Eleonor Noyes was third and Iris Chen fifth.

Girls results: Mia Williams 21:46 F; Reagan Forbes 22:09 NH; Eleanor Noyes 23:56 F; Peyton Crosco NH 24:27 NH; Iris Chen 24:35 F; Katherine Harrison 24:56 F; Haley Ruane 25:45 F; Caitlyn McFarland 26:53 NH; Riley Minns 27:00 NH; Caroline Galaburri 27:04 F; Kelly Uteras 27:31 F; Anna Jani 27:44 F; Sabrina Kenney 27:58 F; Sophia Melillo 28:06 NH.

Nate Huebner led the boys with an eighth-place finish.

Boys results: Patrick Rourke 18:15 NH; Jake Hines 18:15 NH; Tyler Worm 18:48 NH; Aaron Barbiero 19:27 NH; Aiden Bergin 19:33 NH; Nick Howlett 19:35 NH; Michael Rubano 19:38 NH; Nate Huebner 20:20 F; Luke Ardolino 20:32 F; Josh Cummings 20:35 F; Damon Downs 21:11 F; Jake Duggan 21:19 F; Brett Dumais 21:24 F; Cole Heitmann 21:37 F.