Foran boys soccer resets at midway point of season

Foran boys’ soccer team is 4-3-1 as the season reached the halfway point.

Foran defeated Amistad 4-0 in an SCC match on Monday. That was after the Lions dropped a 4-0 decision to Wilbur Cross.

“It’s execution really,” DiStefano said about the ebb and flow of his offense. “Some days we are clinical in our approach and some days we’re not. We’re growing. We are creating chances, possessing the ball very well, we’re just trying to find our way.”

Foran defeated Career-Hillhouse 4-1 and Lyman Hall 5-0 around a 1-1 tie with Sheehan.

“Tying Sheehan was a game we thought we could get,” DiStefano said. “We were very good but didn’t finish our chances. We may have been better in that regard, but opportunities went by the wayside,” DiStefano said. “Against Lyman Hall we put it all together. Those chances we finished.”

DiStefano likes his team’s patience with the ball.

“Some teams play direct, play the ball forward quickly,” he said. “We build, we possess the ball and connect a lot of passes. When it works, like it did against Lyman Hall, it is beautiful to watch.”

Basit Iddriss and Gianni Troia each scored two goals in the Lyman Hall win. Christian Boutete had a goal and two assists. Braydon Young and Nico Agresti added assists. Conlan Deschaine made two saves for Foran, which led in shots 15-7.

“Basit is a dynamic player,” DiStefano said. “His best position is outside back where he can provide that spark going forward. We have players that can play there, so we moved him higher up. If you give him a chance, he is going to score a goal. He is quick, tricky on the ball. We are getting goals from a lot of players.”

Troia is one of those scorers.

“Gianni was a winger as a freshman,” DiStefano said. “We pushed him to striker. Against Lyman Hall he finished his chances. We are young in places. We are growing into ourselves.”

The midfield is where nurturing is happening.

DiStefano said: “We have Christian Boutote, our attacking midfielder. Behind him are two freshman Luke Hackett and Tye Haley. Then we roll in Riley Young and Will Riedel. These young players can really play soccer. At times we can be even better in possession than last year, when we were very good. The physicality is coming.”

DiStefano likes his defense.

“Owen Bell and Nico Agresti are center backs and solid,” he said. “We are playing out of the back, a possession-based style of football. Replacing Luca Marinelli in goal was a tall order. Conlan Deschaine is doing a good job. We are pleased with how he’s come along.”

Iddris had two goals and an assist in the Amistad win. Boutote scored in the second minute. Braydon Young made it 2-0 at the 17-minute mark. Iddriss, from Jack D’Avignon scored in the 35th minute. He ended the scoring at the 43-minute mark. Tye Haley had the assist. Deschaine worked the shutout in goal for Foran, which led 19-3 in shots. Twitter: @blox354