Staneski, Ferraro slam governor's budget veto

State Representatives Pam Staneski (R-119) and Charles Ferraro (R-117) condemned the governor’s decision to veto the bi-partisan state budget that passed the General Assembly on Sept. 16.

They said the governor’s veto means that a state budget will not be in effect by the Oct. 1 Education Cost Sharing (ECS) payment deadline, leaving several towns, including Milford and Orange, to face across-the-board cuts in municipal aid, education funding, and elimination of core government services.

“I am disheartened that the governor overrode the will of the General Assembly and chose not to sign the budget agreement,” Staneski said. “By exercising a broad stroke veto and not even considering a line item veto on matters he wanted to have more discussion, he slapped our towns and cities in the face. He could have kept intact the municipal aid and the dollars that our most vulnerable rely on.

“The budget that passed after months of work restored our education funding and our other municipal aid,” she continued. “The governor is now responsible for what happens next: What will towns do now? How much more will the taxpayers be forced to pay? How many people in-need across our community will be hurt? I call on my colleagues in the Senate and House to override the governor’s veto as soon as possible.”

Ferraro said, “Today’s decision by the governor to veto the bipartisan budget solution gives him back control of the state finances, which is bad for all taxpayers. We passed a solid bipartisan budget plan earlier this month, but the governor has decided that a budget that fully funds education and reforms government isn’t part of his tax and spend vision. My colleagues and I need to come together again and override the governor’s veto before he can slash education funding to our local communities.”