Merrill: Connecticut surpasses two million registered voters

Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill has announced that there are now more than two million people registered to vote in Connecticut in advance of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Secretary Merrill said, “We are working to register people online, at the Department of Motor Vehicles, at community centers, schools and everywhere we can. If someone wants to register to vote, we will be there to help. The deadline to register is Nov. 1 and we urge everyone to act fast in order to participate in November’s historic election.”

Voter registration in 2016 is outpacing past years. For example, in 2008, Connecticut did not cross the two million threshold until early October.

As of Sept. 20, there were 2,009,009 voters registered in Connecticut.

In 2016, 77,355 new voters registered online. In addition, more than 20,000 people in the state have registered to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a new streamlined program that went into effect on Aug. 8.

Among active voters, the majority, 783,471, are unaffiliated with any party while 765,471 are registered Democrats and 437,796 are registered Republicans. Among people who registered in 2016, 74,104 registered as Democrats, 66,089 are unaffiliated and 36,805 registered as Republicans.

Citizens have until Nov. 1 to register to vote online, by mail or in-person. While same-day registration is in effect on Nov. 8, the Secretary of the State is urging everyone to register in advance to mitigate potentially long lines on Election Day.

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