Letter: Vote for Kim Rose ensures Milford stays a great place to live

To the Editor:

I had the opportunity to listen to the candidates at the Chamber of Commerce forum at Milford Hospital on Wednesday. I had the opportunity to listen to Rep. Kim Rose of the 118th explain how she didn't vote for budget increases in prior years, but voted for this past year’s budget mitigation because it included $1.9 million in municipal aid for Milford. Her opponent claimed that Milford would never see the monies that were budgeted.

Milford has seen those dollars and it meant that we all had a decrease in municipal taxes. The Republican candidate in the 118th has no idea how to ensure that Milford will thrive and survive. As I listened to him I realized he will not protect our hospitals and community services as his first and only votes will be “no.”

Negotiations are important to our community as it ensures that we stand up for what will make our community strong. Republicans and Democrats voted “yes” to Sikorsky to ensure our future is sustainable in this area due to increased hiring and continued purchases from local suppliers. Rick Verrone would have voted no because he believes this is corporate welfare. Other states offer our local companies incentives to leave. Those that voted “yes” to this deal ensured economic viability for our community.

A vote for Kim Rose is a vote to ensure Milford continues to be a great place to live.

Dominic M. Cotton