Letter: Visconti supports Varrone for 118th

To the Editor:

We need Rick Varrone in the state legislature.

Despite assertions from our local “career politicians” who claim to be independent and “fighting for Milford,” their attempts to distance themselves from Gov. Malloy ring hollow. The fact is that Kim Rose (and Gayle Slossberg) voted for the Malloy 2015 budget with its large tax increases and irresponsible spending. One-party rule by Malloy and his party’s legislators has offered little discussion or compromise and has harmed our state.

Rick Varrone, the legislative candidate for the 118th in Milford, will help to bring balance to this one-party rule which has only brought us steady decline. Perhaps entrenched incumbents are well-intentioned, but they have been ineffective. It’s time for a change. Vote for Rick Varrone on November 8.

Steve Visconti