Letter: The ‘Big Sort’ is destroying our nation

To the Editor:

The Big Sort is destroying our Nation – Welcome to Politics Today. The first question entering your mind is probably what is the “Big Sort?” The Big Sort is the systematic division of America by splitting people into like-minded groups. Everyone has differing views, with some agreeing or disagreeing by varying levels. The problem with the Big Sort is that it forces people, out of fear, to take an extreme position and it is, in my opinion, the catalyst for the political insanity we see daily.

We are a nation of differing races and nationalities, possessing different beliefs, but nothing fanatical. Tragically, the Big Sort has succeeded in fostering a sort of fanaticism by forcing Americans towards either extreme. There is no room for compromise or negotiation, only “us” against “them.” We see it daily on TV, college campuses, some public schools, and as expected with our elections. I normally try to avoid political discussions with people I do not know, mainly because I’ve encountered an arrogance with some which makes them unwilling to acknowledge opposing views. The first step to resolve any disagreement is by acknowledging the other person.

So, what can we do? That’s simple. “Never” allow anyone to tell you how to think. Don’t accept anything seen or said on TV, social media, and by others as gospel. Take the time to find the truth yourselves to avoid becoming another casualty of the Big Sort.

Ed Vanchot