Letter: Supporting candidates who hold these truths as self-evident

To the Editor:

We are voting for candidates who hold these truths as self-evident:

All people are created equal

The purpose of government is to represent all its citizens

We are a nation of laws and no one is above the law

And who will

Work towards a more just society

Work to achieve a more sustainable world for current and future generations

Support citizens’ rights, health and safety over profits

Support and advance gun violence prevention

And who will

Act on these truths.  

These are the values on the ballot. Vote your values on November 6.

Jeanne Cervin, Barbara Milton, Tessa Marquis, Ann Carter, Ann Berman, Nancy Iddings, Stacy Clark, Sarah Bromley, Anita Fernandez, Gail Dymling, Joy Duva, Susan Shaw, Phillip Givens