Letter: Sen. Slossberg stands up for youth in Connecticut

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of State Senator Gayle Slossberg. I am the director of the Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs in Connecticut.

My first experience with Senator Slossberg was at a meeting arranged by Executive Director Megan Altomare of the Milford Boys & Girls Clubs. I found her to be extremely engaging and interested in the issues that matter to us the most — providing great futures for our youth.

Senator Slossberg spoke glowingly about the growth and efforts of the Milford club and also her interest in every child in Connecticut having access to great educational opportunities. She told me she was very busy because she had just taken on the role of co-chairwoman of the Education Committee and is visiting every district to meet with school superintendents. I thought to myself, ‘Here is a woman of action and accountability.’

Since that time Senator Slossberg has been responsible for bringing state funding to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Milford and has been influential in securing funding for all of our clubs in Connecticut. This past year when an issue arose that would have detrimentally impacted the ability of clubs to continue providing affordable after-school programs, Senator Slossberg negotiated a compromise that worked. Recently, when an issue arose that would have eliminated a significant grant to the Milford Boys & Girls Club, Senator Slossberg stood up and ensured the grant was not taken from us.

This past year the Boys & Girls Clubs in Connecticut honored Senator Slossberg as our “Champion of Youth.”

Don Maleto

Executive Director

Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs in Connecticut