Letter: Says Maroney’s political flyer is ‘hate-filled’

To the Editor:

We have been bombarded with political flyers but one stands out to me: The hate-filled one by James Maroney against his opponent Pam Staneski.

He criticizes her for voting 93% of the time along party lines but fails to mention that those 93% were bi-party agreement votes. Yet he voted nearly unanimously along any democrat party line regardless of the issue. Just did what he was told to do without question.

We shouldn’t forget that during the short time he served as a State Representative he voted to extend tax credits that were set to expire, costing us millions of dollars.

His flyers unfairly criticize Pam on women’s issues yet complimented her for her strong stand on these issues at their debate. What way is it James, an honest statement at your debate with Pam or made-up issues by the people who design your flyers?

It’s interesting to note that Maroney’s flyers have a disclaimer on them that reads

“This message was made independent of any candidate or political party”.  But then it says “Top donors are the democratic legislative campaign committee.”  I’ll let you figure that one out.

As a Navy Veteran, I want to thank Pam for her incredible support to our military and its veterans.

As a senior citizen, thank you Pam for your work on trying to help us to stay in our homes and retire with a little peace of mind and hopefully be able to stay in our community.

Dick Dowin