Letter: Resident supports Staneski for 119th

To the Editor:

I met Pam Staneski years ago when she co-founded the Milford Prevention Council.

I was eager to get involved with this community coalition as I respected its mission to protect our city's youth against illegal substance abuse/underage drinking via education, prevention and intervention programs.

Pam shared the same desire and her energy was inspiring. She truly cares about the wellbeing of our community's children and families. I've witnessed her hard work on this coalition and her dedication is unwavering to not only MPC's causes, but also in every cause she takes on.

Pam has been involved in many different projects which vary over the years from the local PTA, to her seat on the Board of Education, to nonprofit boards, yet one thing remains consistent, her passion and commitment to the people in her community.

All of these positions have focused on improving our community and she continues to fight for us in Hartford with the same determination. Despite her hectic schedule, Pam has always returned to the MPC events that are near to her heart.

This speaks volumes of her character. She never forgets and never stops fighting for what she believes in. That is the kind of representative I want in Hartford.

A real person with a real voice, a caring heart and a ferocious will, a mother, a friend, an advocate, a fighter.

She is approachable, available to anyone who wants to talk to her, readily hands out her cell phone number and truly wants you to use it.

Carla Scinto-Sissick