Letter: Orange teen goes to bat for Staneski

To the Editor:

It has come time again for “We the People” to execute our greatest right as Americans, and vote November 6th. As a 15-year-old who plans on going to college and having a future in Connecticut, I am worried about the state I love. Connecticut is one of the highest taxed states in the country. We have a deficit of $4.6 billion, however this is not the state’s fault. it is the fault of the democratic majority that has burdened our state for the past eight years with Governor Malloy at the helm.

What is even more concerning is that if Ned Lamont wins the election, he said he would like to introduce a car tax, he’ll raise taxes, and will continue the work of Malloy. That is why me and my family will be supporting Pam Staneski.

Pam is currently a member of the state House of Representatives. In the house Pam has voted against Malloy's toll study, which would have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. Pam has fought against the horrific idea proposed by Governor Malloy and the democrats, that would strip the Orange Education System from a large amount of funding. Having a younger brother in the Orange school system, I am grateful to Pam for thinking of the importance of education in this community. If you are tired of high taxes, overspending, and the negligence of our youth’s education, then I urge you to vote for my friend Pam Staneski November 6th, to take back our state.

Dominick Lombardi