Letter: Orange resident backs Gettinger for the 119th

To the Editor:

I am writing a letter of recommendation on Ben Gettinger’s behalf and urge the voters to elect him as the next state representative from the 119th District.

Let’s put party lines aside, as I am a registered Republican, and discuss the candidate and the person that’s running for state representative and his qualifications. I’ve known Ben Gettinger before he ever knew where he was going in life. Funny, knowing someone as a young child you can tell that they will be doing something of value with their life. That young child turned out to be Ben Gettinger, a dedicated and focused person with values that you’d want in your advocate for issues and concerns of Milford and Orange.

With a law degree, Ben is familiar with the workings of the courts and political system as well as the art of negotiating. As a state representative, Ben will represent you, the people, and go to bat regarding taxes and issues that are of the greatest concern to all of us. In addition, he will focus on creating a budget that will not put more of a strain on the state of Connecticut and its residents and encourage people and businesses to move into or stay in our great state. Ben has been endorsed not only by the Democratic Party, but by the Working Families Party and the Independent Party, thus proving he can work with and negotiate with all.

With all this said I highly recommend Ben Gettinger for state representative for the 119th District.

Carol Querker