Letter: Maroney responds to Republican mailer

To the Editor:

Democratic State Senate candidate James Maroney of Milford responded today to a mailer that the Connecticut Senate Republican Leadership Committee has sent to residents of the 14th State Senate District which uses fear tactics to scare residents into voting next week.

The mailer states: “Failure to vote in the 2018 November Election could result in your registration being purged or made inactive…Greater effort is being made to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter registration rolls. As part of that effort, citizens skipping elections can either be removed entirely or placed on inactive status.”

The official-looking mailer contains the recipient’s voter registration number and advises that the “Voter Card,” as the mailer is called, should be brought to the recipient’s polling place to “assist local voting clerks.”

But, contrary to the language on the card, it is not an official document but instead a mere campaign mailer approved by Maroney’s Republican opponent, Pam Staneski.

“I’m appalled that Republicans, and my opponent in particular, have resorted to these kind of tactics. To try and scare people into voting in the hopes that they’ll drive up turnout for their candidate really crosses a line,” Maroney said. “While this campaign mailer probably isn’t illegal, it’s definitely a dishonest effort to trick voters. Maybe Republicans can get away with this in other states, but it shouldn’t be a practice in Connecticut.”

Maroney was contacted by a voter who received the mail piece and who wished to remain anonymous.

The 14th Senate District consists of all of Milford and Orange and parts of West Haven and Woodbridge. James Maroney is endorsed in the race for State Senate by the Democratic Party, the Working Families Party, and the Independent Party.

Ken Saccente

James Maroney campaign