Letter: Kennedy’s kids attest to her strengths and leadership

To the Editor:

Ever since we were young our mom was always busy doing something to help others. Whether it was working multiple jobs or volunteering for our school PTAs or booster clubs, everything our mom did she gave it her all.

Kathy Kennedy is smart, dedicated and strong. She puts her all into everything that she does and I know that if she were elected as State Representative for the 119th District she would do amazing things for our community.

Our mom is compassionate, fair, and definitely a people person. As she has shown throughout everything she is and has been involved in, Kathy has a knack for interacting with people. She is able to reach across political party lines in order to connect with the people of Milford and Orange. She is always ready to listen to opposing points of view and grasp new ideas and concepts. These traits, among others, make her an ideal candidate. I know that as a proven leader and advocate our mom is committed to being the voice that the people of Milford and Orange need up in Hartford. Kathy will do everything she can to make a better Connecticut for everyone.   

We look forward to voting for Kathy Kennedy on November 6th and we hope that you will do the same. She has the smarts, dedication and passion to be a successful and impactful leader. We cannot imagine anyone else better suited for the position of State Representative for the 119TH than our mom, Kathy Kennedy.

Rebecca and Brett Huber