Letter: Independent Party member backs Gettinger in 119th

To the Editor:

I’m not easily swayed by campaign literature. I was, however, much intrigued by Ben Gettinger’s literature that promised if he were elected he would go to Hartford as our representative in the 119th district and fight against 8-30g, the housing law that allows developers to circumvent the local zoning laws. His plans seem plausible and his legal background and experience as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board make him well suited to take up this fight. His knowledge of this issue is especially encouraging.  

I then checked into his opponent, the incumbent Pam Staneski’s recent voting record. She voted against supporting victims of domestic abuse by voting against a bill that keeps guns out of the hands of their abusers. She also voted against a bill that would have increased our schools’ funding. She voted against $1.6 million dollar grants for Milford and $400,000 for Orange that would have offset taxes. Her record in Hartford is disappointing.  

So, for these reasons and others, I support the candidacy of Ben Gettinger. His positions on lowering taxes, protecting our children, protecting domestic violence victims, and standing up against the 8-30g laws that are damaging our local neighborhoods all seem logical and manageable. He will be a fresh face in the House, one who is endorsed by the Democratic and Milford Independent parties. Ben Gettinger is the best choice for the 119th.

Charles W. Murphy