Letter: Former town chairman supports Staneski

To The Editor:

On Aug. 14 Republican voters in the 14th Senatorial District will have the opportunity to nominate a proven leader, a leader who has stood up to Dan Malloy and his failed policies in Hartford. That leader is Representative Pam Staneski.

As Milford's former Republican Town Chairman I have worked with both candidates in this primary and without hesitation I can honestly say that Pam is the most qualified person in this race to serve as our next State senator. She, as a State Representative, has held to her principles and has been a tireless voice on our behalf in Hartford. She has led the fight to stop predatory developers from destroying our open space. She helped push through a Republican "no tax increase" budget, fought for the needs of our veterans and seniors, fought to restore state aid to Milford and Orange, and has said no to tolls.

Connecticut needs a  strong Republican candidate who can win this Senate seat in November and that person is Pam Staneski. Please join me and many of my past and current town committee chairman in voting for Pam on Aug. 14. We have one shot at this seat and our best shot is with Pam Staneski.

Paul Beckwith

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